One of the earliest illustrations of Mount Kinabalu was probably this one which was drawn 
in lithograph by Thomas Picken. 
“Kina Balu from Pinokok Valley” was published in 1862.

Borneo History : A compilations of blog, story, writing, research, article, study, discussion, book and images of Borneo History related literature and materials sourced from the web and social media with the objective to  share, promote, preserved Borneo History and its rich cultural heritage for posterity.

We hope that the younger generation will look up on some of these articles in order to have better understanding of the Borneo history to the extent that the stories can transport the reader back into time and specific period of history with greater insights. 

History is not something that is obscure as it plays a vital roles in our lives. We learn from our past in order to achieve greater things over our future.

New history books about Borneo or specific historical subjects of interest can be written and rewritten with new additional facts once thought no longer available, long forgotten, missing or not included in the previous history books. 

The historical sites all over Borneo should be turn into an attraction area and research sites where old buildings or structure protected, reconstructed (if necessary) and gazetted as national heritage, so as everybody especially students, historian and tourists would be able to visit all these sites of which they will be able to learn invaluable history of the place. 

Comments and contribution from everybody who wish to share historical stories and updated information are highly encourage and appreciated. 

Please send to email : Borneohistory57@gmail.com

"There is No right side of history, or the wrong side of history??"

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